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Introducing Cisky

Risk to Profit

Cisky is a Decentralized and Scalable P2P Flight Status Prediction Platform builds upon blockchain, where users can buy and sell prediction contract that bets on the status of Flights. With security provided by Smart contract, auto claim settlement provided by Oracle, and low price provided by free-market competing, Cisky will convert flight delay risk into profit safely and efficiently.




Low Price

In our platform, anybody can sell insurance contracts. Market Completing will make sure customers get the best quote.

Auto settlement

Our Oracle will report flight status and settle contract automatically. The flight status is collected from multiple sources.


Blockchain will provide fund security Since Premium (from buyer) and Max benefit (from the seller) is locked in the smart contract. Order status dispute mechanism (the customer can dispute the result in a two-day time window after the status got reported) will make sure flight result not abused by Oracle.


Why Cisky

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